Sunday, 25 November 2012

Nail Art done by me :)

i did this nail art a long time i was just searching for some old pictures and saw these and thought why not share it on my here i am sharing my randonm nail art with u people...


i was just playing around with my nail polishes and created these random nail arts....Black n Gold, Colorful strips, pink leopard and red Pooh ! (now i dont remember what was on my thumb nail and i don't have a


did this with an eyeliner brush and the colors i used are
  • Sweet Touch 1026, 1068, 1001, 1006, 1025
  • Christine
  • Medora 376
  • Etude
hope u like it :)


Saturday, 24 November 2012

My mini MUA Haul :)

this is my first haul post :) recently i did a mini haul from the things i ordered are from Makeup Academy MUA...i had been drooling over these lovelies fr a long time and now i have them thanx to for providing international brands in pakistan.this is my second experience with this website and i am quite satisfied with their service so far.

i placed the order on 19th November and received the parcel on 23rd november.All the things were nicely packed and bubble wrapped for the saftey

lets see whats inside my parcel :)

everything was sealed and in a good shape...
these are the things i odered

  • Heaven and Earth eyeshadow palette                   PKR 700
  • Out there Plumping Lip Gloss - Pin up PINK      PKR 350
  • Intense Kisses Lip Gloss - Quick Kiss                 PKR  350
  • Love Hearts Lip Balm - Great Lips                      PKR  250
  • Mua Lipstick - Shade 16 Necter                           PKR  200
  • Mua Lipstick - Shade  11                                      PKR  200
  • Mua Blusher - Shade 4                                          PKR  200

my total was PKR 2500 including delivery charges and chose the cash on delivery option.....

loving all the things but i have still got a long wishlist of MUA things ;) so hoping to have more mua hauls in future..

so u like my haul?? 

Friday, 23 November 2012

The Body Shop Moisture Foundation SPF15 in 03 - Review

helloo every1:)  now here is the review of my go to foundation..its TBS moisture foundation with SPF 15..if u r looking for a foundation for everyday use with light to medium coverage..this is what u need..and SPF is an additional bonus :)

The Body Shop Moisture Foundation SPF15 in 03

Product Description

Best if you want to: Perfect and moisturize skin with a lightweight liquid foundation.
Best for: Normal to dry skin
What it is designed to do:
  • Goes on smooth for light to medium coverage
  • Sunscreens protect skin from UV rays, while a special silicone blend and light reflective particles provide a long-lasting dewy finish.
  • Vitamin E and Community Trade marula oil and organic beeswax moisturize and condition skin.

The Body Shop Moisture Foundation SPF15 in 03

My thought

i love this foundation and its my 6th or 7th bottle of this i do use other foundation but can't leave a permanent place in my makeup collection..this was my first liquid foundation before this i used to have cake foundations..i had this fear that liquid foundations won't suit me as my skin is sensitive and will appear cakey on me but then i came across this one when i swatched it felt so light weight that i decided to give it a try.

The Body Shop Moisture Foundation SPF15 in 03

i have a combination skin and my complexion is light to medium.i have got this foundation in 03 which matches my skin comes in a transparent plastic bottle with a nozzle pump to squeeze out the product the bottle contains 30ml of the product.i like the packing its simple and perfect.

the formula is very light weight it blends effortlessly and gives a perfect smooth and dewy finish, i always love the glowing effect i get whenever i wear this light to medium coverage but you can always build it up for more coverage, this being so light weight doesn't appear cakey or blotchy and doesn't break out.most of the foundations feel heavy on skin when layered for the coverage but its not the case with this completely gets absorbed in the skin and keep it hydrated for hours.the staying power is also very good it lasts upto 8 hours.
i cant put my finger on the scent of the foundation but whatever it is i don't like it.

The Body Shop Moisture Foundation SPF15 in 03 - Swatch

The Body Shop Moisture Foundation SPF15 in 03 - Blended

the foundation contains marula oil which is well known for its skin hydrating benefits and it also help in anti-ageing.the SPF helps to protect from UV rays, most of the people think that the foundations that contain SPF give washed out effect in photographs when flash is used.SPF contains light reflecting particle that when flash is used give brightening effect.but i don't have any problem with this it does give some brightening effect when flash is used but i don't get completely washed out effect as most of the people complain with SPF foundation.i find this brightening effect good for the pictures :)
it also contain beeswax and Vitamin C .the beeswax acts as a barrier that helps to seal in moisture and helps to keep product texture consistent when used over time.Vitamin C helps to fight free radical damage and brightens skin, leaving it looking radiant

the foundation is a treat for the people having skin problems.


  • light weight
  • moiusturizing and hydrating
  • easily blenable
  • contains SPF 15
  • contains Marula oil and Vitamin E
  • good for everyday use
  • best for normal to dry skin


  • strange smell
otherwise i couldnt find anything to hate...

i will rate this 4.9/5

Price   1800 PKR


Saturday, 10 November 2012

Golden Rose 2000 Lipsticks - Review & Swatches

howdy guyys :) i haven't reviewed a lipstick yet so today i am going to review my two Golden Rose Lipsticks 129 and 105

Golden Rose 2000 Lipsticks

Golden Rose 2000 Lipsticks

Product Description

This creamy and soft lipstick hydrates the lips and will wear for hours - available in 49 shades

129 Mauve                               105 Pale Orange

My thought

lipstick is a symbol of femininity and a must have when it comes to makeup, some quality lipsticks are what we need to complete our makeup collection but what do we expect from a quality lipstick - to be homogenous when applied to lips, good color payoff, easy to glide without the greasy feeling, lasting hold, comforting and protecting.

the Golden Rose lipsticks meet most of the expections,the formula is creamy in texture and glides on smoothly without feathering.these lipsticks are listed as matte ones on the website but these are not completely matte they have some glossy finish, matte lipsticks are not considered to be hydrating but these really haydrate the lips (i did'nt expect this) also the staying power is fairly good they stay put upto 3 hours on me.

the lipsticks come in silver colored plastic packaging, personally i dont like the packaging it could have been better.the lipsticks are numbered but the colors are not described on the packaging (Golden rose have mentioned the colors on the website)..atleast they should have put on the lipstick colored sticker to make it convinient to select the shade.

129 is listed as Matte finish - Mauve, its a pretty maroonish pink color.

105 is listed as Matte finish - Pale Orange, its a peachy coral color.

129 Mauve                                  105 Pale Orange

i like both colors but pale orange is my favourite

105 - with flash

105 - without flash


  • creamy texture
  • hydrating
  • good staying power
  • inexpensive


  • packaging
  • scent of the lipstick

i will rate these 4.7/5

Price    325 PKR (each)

do try them..could be a great addition to your collection :)

Guyys i really appreciate your comments and suggestions :) so do leave your lovely comments and tell me how m i doing :)

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Thursday, 8 November 2012

Mehndi Designs

heyy guys today i am going to post the mehndi designs i put on this these designs from internet and copied them

hope u like it <3

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

The Body Shop "LOVE ETC...™ Eau de Parfum" - Review

My yummylicious LOVE ETC..... <3

LOVE ETC...™ Eau de Parfum

Product Description


Fragrance Personality:

the irresistible fragrance in a lasting eau de parfum: a heart-stopping fusion of jasmine, vanilla and sandalwood notes.

Family: floriental


  • Top notes: pear, neroli, bergamot 
  • Middle notes: jasmine, heliotrope, lily of the valley
  • Base notes: vanilla, sandalwood, musk cream


*for those who doesn't know about the fragrance notes

What are fragrance 'notes'?


These are the ingredients used to make up the perfume, and can range from plant and flower extracts to synthetically-created molecules. New technology can recreate the essence of almost any scent on earth, with recent examples including candy floss, sea salt and caramel.

What do the 'Top', 'Heart' and 'Base' categories mean?

Top Notes: Top notes are evident as soon as the liquid touches your skin. These are usually lighter than the other ingredients, and function by shaping the primary fragrance burst.
Heart or Middle Notes: Shortly after application, the top notes give way to the heart notes. These are usually floral, as most fruity notes are too light for this layer. These middle notes make up the core perfume as it sits on the skin, and it is these layers that define the ultimate dry down, when the perfume settles on to the skin.
Base notes: The base notes determine how long a fragrance will last, and provide a background on which the heart notes can be appreciated. Interestingly, most fragrances have similar base notes, often including sandalwood, amber, musk and vanilla. This is because there are only a certain number of notes that will last long enough on the skin to form the base of a fragrance.

My thought

LOVE ETC was the love at first smell :) actually i went to TBS outlet to purchase the LOVE ETC solid perfume as i read some great reviews about the perfume and at that time i wanted to have something to carry in my handbag instead of bodysprays.i never tried solid perfumes so i wanted to try that one but when i went there the salesgirl told me about the liquid LOVE ETC perfumes and insisted on trying their liquid range and i did :) The moment i smelled the perfume i knew i had to buy this sooner or later. at that time i was confused wether to buy the liquid perfume rightaway or should buy the solid one, then salesgirl told me that the solid one last for only 2 to 3 hours but the liquid one lasts longer and also the smell of the liquid was way much better than the solid one.she showed me the cute little purse spary of LOVE ETC in 10ml which was cute enough to convince me into buying.i was in love with it and i knew this little bottle will last me for only one month and i had to have the bigger one so after some time also purchased the bigger one in 100ml
i always find strong smells very offending so i prefer sweet ,floral and fruity smells. this smell is  very refreshing, sweet, inoffensive, romantic and yummylicious its not too strong and not too light and kind of every day scent.its a perfect combination of floral and fruity, i mostly smell vanilla and jasmine in it.i have only one issue with the smell which is same for all the body shop perfume is that their smell does not last as long as the other high end perfumes ,they only last for 5 to 6 hours but still i like these perfumes.
the purse spary comes in a cute little glass bottle with golden cap and contains 10ml of the product the packaging is cute and colorfull. the price is same as the solid one but smell and staying power is much better.the perfume comes in different sizes 10ml, 30ml, 100ml.the 100ml comes in a big fat glass bottle with a simple packaging.
the love etc range also have Eau de toillete, body butters. shower gels and body lotions.


  • combination of floral and fruity
  • sweet and simple everyday smell
  • travel freindly


  • doesn't lasts as long as other high end perfumes
i will rate this perfume  4.8/5

Price         1100 PKR (10ml), 5500 PKR (100ml)

 must try :) u will love it