Saturday, 10 November 2012

Golden Rose 2000 Lipsticks - Review & Swatches

howdy guyys :) i haven't reviewed a lipstick yet so today i am going to review my two Golden Rose Lipsticks 129 and 105

Golden Rose 2000 Lipsticks

Golden Rose 2000 Lipsticks

Product Description

This creamy and soft lipstick hydrates the lips and will wear for hours - available in 49 shades

129 Mauve                               105 Pale Orange

My thought

lipstick is a symbol of femininity and a must have when it comes to makeup, some quality lipsticks are what we need to complete our makeup collection but what do we expect from a quality lipstick - to be homogenous when applied to lips, good color payoff, easy to glide without the greasy feeling, lasting hold, comforting and protecting.

the Golden Rose lipsticks meet most of the expections,the formula is creamy in texture and glides on smoothly without feathering.these lipsticks are listed as matte ones on the website but these are not completely matte they have some glossy finish, matte lipsticks are not considered to be hydrating but these really haydrate the lips (i did'nt expect this) also the staying power is fairly good they stay put upto 3 hours on me.

the lipsticks come in silver colored plastic packaging, personally i dont like the packaging it could have been better.the lipsticks are numbered but the colors are not described on the packaging (Golden rose have mentioned the colors on the website)..atleast they should have put on the lipstick colored sticker to make it convinient to select the shade.

129 is listed as Matte finish - Mauve, its a pretty maroonish pink color.

105 is listed as Matte finish - Pale Orange, its a peachy coral color.

129 Mauve                                  105 Pale Orange

i like both colors but pale orange is my favourite

105 - with flash

105 - without flash


  • creamy texture
  • hydrating
  • good staying power
  • inexpensive


  • packaging
  • scent of the lipstick

i will rate these 4.7/5

Price    325 PKR (each)

do try them..could be a great addition to your collection :)

Guyys i really appreciate your comments and suggestions :) so do leave your lovely comments and tell me how m i doing :)

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  1. Pale Orange looks so pretty on you. ♥

  2. mahnoor i got it from "decent" departmental store

  3. Wow! Very beautiful and it is my kinda shade.and very affordable price too thanks for sharing :) i am ur new follower love ur reviews and very detailed :)

  4. The orange shade looks very good on ya!


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