Saturday, 29 December 2012

DIY Homemade Cream Blush

hellooo i have a recepie of homemade cream blush to share with you people.i really want to have some cream blushes but i dont own any, well i always think of buying some but instead i end up buying powder blushes (lol).so about the recepie, i came across this recepie on internet and thought to give it a lets see how it went for me


the recepie is very simple and inexpensive all you need to have is
  • an empty container
  • any thick cream
  • liquid foundation
  • powder eyeshadow or blush
*i used Nivea Cream and a broken Eyeshadow.

take 1 tea spoon of cream in a samll bowl ( you can add more to increase the quantity), add 2 drops of your liquid foundation into it and mix it then add powder eyeshadow or blush, if you want to add your favourite blush then rub a blush brush over the top of the blush to loosen some powder and add it to cream mixture, add more powder if dont get you desired color.mix it well and put it into the container *i made a plastic paper cone to transfer the blush into container

taddaaa you have your own made cream blush

Swatch & Blended

well after trying the recepie i think i was pretty much successful in making a decent cream blush and i am enjoying putting on my own made stays for 3 hours on me and gives my cheeks a natural pink blush and the color is buildable.

so have you tried anything like this?? do share you suggestions

Friday, 28 December 2012

I WON the Essence's Creative Competition

heyyy ladiess.i am so excited to share this on my blog, as you now i shared my entries 4 the creative competition, i didn't have much hope but i won it along with 4 other winners..yuhuu...
and look what i got as my winning prize :)))

i receieved this in mail yesterday, wasn't expecting it so earlyyy..all the things are from Essence's Trend Edition "50's Girl Reloaded".The edition is discontinued now,i missed this edition coz i thought i have enough essence products and i dont need more.but after gettig this i am loving everything(Lolz)

                                 Eye Shadow Duo 03 Come on board captain & Translucent Loose Powder                                           

Top - Bottom: 01 You're a heart breaker
02 I'm a marine girl
03 Love me tender

05 You're a heart breaker
01 Ahoy!

Lipstick 02 I'm sailing

Duo Brush in Navy Style

All the things are so lovleyy bt above all it feels great to be a winner :)))

Tuesday, 25 December 2012

The Body Shop Lip & Cheek Stain "01 Rose Pink" - Review & Swatches

heyy everyone:) hope you are doing well and enjoyng the holidays :) today i am going to add the Body Shop Lip & Cheek stain to my review list.continue reading to find out more!

Te Body Shop Lip & Cheek Stain "01 Rose Pink"

Product Description

This dual-purpose stain gives lips and cheeks a healthy-looking glow with one wash of color, or builds up for a richer, deeper coverage. A great base for lip products. Its moisturizing formulation helps to condition the skin. Dermatologically tested.

My thought

the stain comes in a transparent plastic tube with a doe foot applicator the tube contains 8ml of the the tube the color appears bright red but on application its a pretty rosy pink color and the consistency is gel like.

Te Body Shop Lip & Cheek Stain "01 Rose Pink" - Swatched & Blended
for the application, dab the lips and cheeks with the applicator then blend with the fingertips but this way the fingers get stained with the same color.on the application is feels sticky until it gets dry and the application is very uneven on my lips, my upper lip always get less stained even if i do two coats on it.though, The Body Shop claims it being moisturising, its not at all moisturising and make my lips appear cracked and dry even if i exfoliate before applying this.the staying power is not what i imagined, it stays for 4 hours and fades unevenly which is very irritating for me.

stain applied

i don't like it as a lip stain but worked well as a cheek stain for me gives a natural rosy pink color to the cheeks.i just apply little amount of it on the cheeks and blend it quickly not giving time to set otherwise it leaves a stain on the spot where i applied far as the staying power is concerned it stays for 3 hours.

i really like The Body Shop's products but this one didn't live upto my expectations.m pretty much disappointed and won't repurchase it

i will rate it 3.5/5


  • pretty color
  • dual-purpose stain
  • travel friendly
  • works pretty well as cheek stain
  • subtle natural blush


  • uneven application
  • dry on lips
  • not good staying power
  • not worth the price

Price        PKR 1500

 really liked the color :((

Saturday, 22 December 2012

Eye look - Entry 4 the Essence Pakistan Contest

helloo it is my 2nd entry 4 the contest of Essence Cosmetics Pakistan on Their Face book Page

Essence Pakistan

get your creative juices running! take a really creative picture of yourself with any of the essence products and put it up here on the page! The top 5 creative ones chosen by our judges will win more essence goodies!

*competition closes Sunday!

i created this using the products in the picture.. i was planning on doing an eotd with same technique but now i have done it for the was fun to play around with the products and create the look.
may be i get lucky and win but one thing that really matters to me is that i enjoyed the challenge and entertained myself :p

do giveme ur input:) TC


EOTD - Peacock Inspired Eye Look

heyyy lovliess. today i am going to share another Eye makeup look.this look is inspired by peacock coz i love evrything peacock :)

Products used

  • Luscious Twilight Kit
  • Essence Mousse Foundation 01 matt sand
  • Christine Liquid Eyeliner #17
  • Christine Mono Eyeshadow Golden
  • The Body Shop Carbon Eye Definer - Black
  • Essence Multiaction Blackest Black Mascara
More looks and reviews coming up soon :)

Friday, 21 December 2012

Face of the day :)

hellooo ladiess...nw i am about to share my entry for the contest on Essence Cosmetics Pakistan facebook page.

Essence Pakistan

get your creative juices running! take a really creative picture of yourself with any of the essence products and put it up here on the page! The top 5 creative ones chosen by our judges will win more essence goodies!

*competition closes Sunday!

i made a drawing using essence products :) may be its not that good but i had fun doing this..

what do u think??

Wednesday, 19 December 2012

EOTD - Leopard Inspired Eye Look

heyyy i am going to share a Leopard inspired eye makeup which i tried recently.although i really enjoyed doing this but this look is not that practical in bro and mum had a good laugh at it :)

Products used

  • Essence i love stage Eyeshadow base
  • Essence Gel Eyeliner - Midnight in Paris
  • Essence Gel Eyeliner - London Baby
  • MUA Heaven & Earth palette
  • Maybelline Great Lash Mascara
  • Black Eyebrow Pencil
  • Oriflame Kajal
like it ???

Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Color Studio Professional Knockout Eye Marker Black - Review & Swatches

heyy everyone :) today i am going to review my go to liner this winter Color Studio Knock Out Marker in Black.
keep on reading to find out my experience with this Marker liner
Color Studio Professional Knockout Eye Marker Black

Product Description

  • Easy and simple application
  • Intense carbon black color
  • Specially designed applicator tip provides optimal control and precision
  • Long lasting wear

My thought

i never used eye markers before so i was reluctant to try out this but someone told me about the great performance of this marker so i wanted to tryout myself and i am not disappointed with the results.
the marker looks exactly like a stationary marker with the silver text on it.the packaging is sleek and lightweight.

Color Studio Professional Knockout Eye Marker Black - Swatches

i thought the tip would be stiff and hard to work with but on the contrary its bendable and easy in application,the tip easily bends along the lid to give a precise line..the intensity of the color is not that black but it is buildable with multiple strokes.i don't get a intense color in just one stroke i have to make it with three strokes.i have tried this liner in summers and winters and i would say its staying power varies in seasons, in summers it just stays for two hours one me and starts smudging after that, may be its because my lids are oily and its not a water proof won't recommend it to use in summers but in winters it stays for good long 9 hours on me without smudging and i love that, because some times i feel lazy or in a hurry to use gel eyeliners so i use this instead and within a minute my eyes are precisely lined.
the liner is not use able on the lower lid or waterline and i wont recommend it to use on the cream shadows because it smudges easily and creates a mess.

Knockout Eye Marker Black - Applied



  • Time saver
  • Budget friendly
  • Easy in application
  • Bendable tip
  • Buildable color
  • Good staying power in winters


  • Can't be used on lower lid
  • Not smuge proof in summers
  • Not a water proof marker
  • Use on cream eyeshadows
i would reate this liner 4.2/5

Price         PKR 350

this liner is my love these winters <3

Monday, 17 December 2012

Another Haul :)

helloo ladiess here i am sharing another haul post...just can't resist makeup stuff when shopping and its funny how my hubby has to drag me from the cosmetic section to make me attentive to the other things.he thinks that i get glued to the cosmetic section and if it weren't for him i would forget everything but cosmetics(lol)

so lets checkout what i bought

Left - Right: Burberry London Miniature 4ml
Essence Kajal Pencil 04 white
Essence Multiaction Blackest Black Mascara
Essence Natural Cover Moisturizer - lighter skin

Left: Flormar Blush #89
Right: Essence Circus Circus Highlighter Powder

Left: Rivaj UK Neon Color #67
Right: Color Studio Professional HAUTE Nail Color "Jade"

Left: Rivaj UK Color Fusion Lipstick # 24 
                                     Right: Classics lipstick # 226                                                             

  • Essence Circuss Circuss Collection Highlighter Powder  -  PKR 460
  • Essence Natural Cover Moisturizer 'lighter skin" - PKR 380
  • Essence Multiaction Blackest Black Mascara  -  PKR 380
  • Essence Kajal Pencil 04 White  -  PKR 160
  • Buberry London Miniature 4ml  -  PKR 475
  • Flormar Blush 89  -   PKR 385
  • Classics lipstick 226  -   PKR 350
  • Color Studio HAUTE Nail Color "Jade"  -   PKR 250
  • Rivaj UK Color Fusion Lipstick 24  -   PKR 125
  • Rivaj UK Neon Nail Color 67  -  PKR 85
  • Wizard's First Rule  -   PKR 700

loving all the things.will be reviewing them soon!


Saturday, 8 December 2012

EOTD - Rainbow inspired look

heyy i am going to share my rainbow inspired eye makeup look...this is my first post regarding eye makeup..hope you like it

Top: With Flash
Bottom: Without Flash




Products Used

  • Essence I Love Stage Eyeshadow Base
  • Etude Concealer
  • Flormar 5 Color Palette #03
  • Essence Gel Eyeliner - Midnight in Paris
  • Rivaj Uk Mascara
  • Rimmel Eyebrow Pencil 
so do you like it??

Thursday, 6 December 2012

Mehndi Design #2

heyy comes another mehndi design...did it myself.well i had another design in my mind but this is what i ended up making :)

hope u like it <3 tc :)


Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Fake CK & MAC Eyeshadow Palettes - Review & Swatches

heyy lovelies ! today i am going to review the fake MAC and CK palettes i have.

Fake CK & MAC Eyeshadow Palettes

My thought

i came across these palettes in a grocery store.i ran out of my toiletries, was shopping them, when i noticed a girls on the cosmetic counter swatching an eyeshadow palette.the thing which got my attention was the pigmentation of the swatch i asked the salesman to show me those palettes and the moment i saw the CK written on that palette i knew its a fake one but to confirm i asked for the price he told me the price is PKR 380.I asked him is it the fake one and he agreed to it.

so the thing is if i knew these were the fake palettes why did i buy them.well, to be honest i really loved the colors of CK palette and when i swatched them they were really pigmented and creamy smooth.i asked for the other palettes like it and he showed me the MAC one and those colors were awesome too so i ended up buying these..

Fake CK Eyeshadow Palette

Fake CK Eyeshadow Palette

Fake CK Eyeshadow Palette - Swatches

i have been using these palettes for a year now and i am really impressed with the colors pigmentation.the texture is soft and they glides smoothly on the skin.some of the colors do have minor fall outs.the staying power is quite long,they stay up to 7 hours on me and with the primer underneath the staying power is longer.i really like the packaging, for such a cheap n fake product the packaging is really impressive and sturdy.palettes come with sponge applicators but they weren't of any use.

Fake MAC Eyeshadow Palette

Fake MAC eyeshadow Palette

Fake MAC eyeshadow Palette - Swatches

i really love the two black palettes because of their performance i also bought the white CK palette.but that's not as good as the these palettes most of the colors are chalky n have major fallout and the staying power is not that's the thing with the fake ones sometimes you get lucky and get a good product but sometimes you end up buying a worthless thing.

Fake CK Eyeshadow Palette

Fake CK Eyeshadow Palette

Fake CK Eyeshadow Palette


top : Brow powder
bottom: blushes

i really like the color of the blushes from this palette but they hardly stay for 2 hours.

on the back of the palettes its mentioned that they are made in Canada or USA.i don't know why the companies do such cheap marketing tricks naming their products after famous ones just to boost the sales.after using them i can say if these palettes weren't named after high-end-brands the right marketing tricks could have made them favourites among consumers because their performance is not less then any good brand.


  • great pigmentation
  • lovely colors
  • packaging
  • travel friendly
  • budget friendly


  • Fake Fake Fake
  • some colors have fallouts and are chalky

i will rate them 4/5

Price       PKR 380 (each)

 so what do you think?? did you have any experience like dis?

Monday, 3 December 2012

Color Studio Professional Color Rush Lipstick "Jet Setter" - Review & Swatches

heyyy everyone :) today am going to review Color Studio's Color Rush Lipstick "Jet Setter".

L - R   with Flash, without Flash

Product Description

Instant color release creamy texture Glides easily for smooth, even spread
Ideal formulation for dry lips because of hydrating effect, Best shades for bold glamorous effect.
Enriched with vitamins and essential oils to protect and nourish your lips

My thought

After reading some great reviews about the lipsticks by colorstudio i decide to try out one.these lipsticks come in 18 different shaded, the shade i picked up is a vibrant orange color.normally i try to avoid such vibrant colors but when i swatched the lipsticks i really liked the color and thought i should have such colors too.
lipstick comes in a black colored plastic packaging,i am impressed with the packaging its simple and sturdy and like the fact that these lipsticks are named.

Color Rush Lipstick "Jet Setter" - Swatch

now comes the application, its a matte color creamy in texture and glides smoothly, keeps the lips hydrated and doesn't bleed out or dry on the lips,stays for 3-4 hours on me. one thing i really like about it that it fades evenly and after fading leaves a light hint of the color on the lips.the color is too vibrant for daily use so i don't wear it often, sometimes i apply this color and than pat my lips with tissue paper and apply some nude color lip gloss and believe me it gives such a nice color to the lips.i am so gonna have the other colors too.

Color Rush Lipstick "Jet Setter"



  • creamy formula
  • glides smoothly
  • moisturising
  • long staying power
  • budget friendly
  • sturdy packaging


  • couldn't find any

i will rate this lipstick 4.5/5

Price       PKR  450

hope u like try and tell me about your experience :) tc