Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Color Studio Professional Knockout Eye Marker Black - Review & Swatches

heyy everyone :) today i am going to review my go to liner this winter Color Studio Knock Out Marker in Black.
keep on reading to find out my experience with this Marker liner
Color Studio Professional Knockout Eye Marker Black

Product Description

  • Easy and simple application
  • Intense carbon black color
  • Specially designed applicator tip provides optimal control and precision
  • Long lasting wear

My thought

i never used eye markers before so i was reluctant to try out this but someone told me about the great performance of this marker so i wanted to tryout myself and i am not disappointed with the results.
the marker looks exactly like a stationary marker with the silver text on it.the packaging is sleek and lightweight.

Color Studio Professional Knockout Eye Marker Black - Swatches

i thought the tip would be stiff and hard to work with but on the contrary its bendable and easy in application,the tip easily bends along the lid to give a precise line..the intensity of the color is not that black but it is buildable with multiple strokes.i don't get a intense color in just one stroke i have to make it with three strokes.i have tried this liner in summers and winters and i would say its staying power varies in seasons, in summers it just stays for two hours one me and starts smudging after that, may be its because my lids are oily and its not a water proof marker.so won't recommend it to use in summers but in winters it stays for good long 9 hours on me without smudging and i love that, because some times i feel lazy or in a hurry to use gel eyeliners so i use this instead and within a minute my eyes are precisely lined.
the liner is not use able on the lower lid or waterline and i wont recommend it to use on the cream shadows because it smudges easily and creates a mess.

Knockout Eye Marker Black - Applied



  • Time saver
  • Budget friendly
  • Easy in application
  • Bendable tip
  • Buildable color
  • Good staying power in winters


  • Can't be used on lower lid
  • Not smuge proof in summers
  • Not a water proof marker
  • Use on cream eyeshadows
i would reate this liner 4.2/5

Price         PKR 350

this liner is my love these winters <3


  1. I like swatches specially the heart <3

  2. This looks like a good eye liner that you can keep for touch ups in your handbag. xx

  3. It's a good budget liner for beginners :) Nice review <3

  4. Thankeww <3 its nice to hear frm u

  5. Looks pretty good, i wish it was waterproof aswell :)

  6. i love ur review, its good one.. Like it

  7. great review and love the swatches.i dont like eye markers :(

    1. thanxx..even i dont like markers that much but this is a great option for beginners or when ur in hurry

  8. thanks for share.


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