Sunday, 3 February 2013

The Body Shop Strawberry Eau De Toilette - Review

Hey i am going to share a review on my favourite and yummiest scent Strawberry Eau De Toilette.I bought this perfume 4 years ago as my bestie's bday present, it's mouth watering strawberry scent made me fall in love with it and afterwards i had to get one for myself and since than it is one of my favourites.Well you can call me a strawberry maniac because no matter how hard i try i can not resist anything strawberry.can you??

Product Description

A sweet and sumptuous fruity floral fragrance inspired by the fresh smell of wild strawberries.
Its mouth-watering scent is combined with energetic citrus and delicate floral with underlying notes of sandalwood and musk. This fragrance offers a delicious intensity

Fragrance Notes

Top notes: red currant, wild strawberry and red apple
Middle notes: fruity notes, flowers and wild strawberry
Base notes: nectarine, musk,sandalwood, vanilla and wild strawberry.

My thought

i think the scent is sweet and strong without being overpowering yet refreshing in way that will make you hold on to it.the smell is perfect for the spring and summer season to freshen up the mood.its not exactly like the fresh strawberries, its more like a strawberry syrup but smells better and strong.its so yummilicious i keep sniffing the lid only to fall in love with it again and again.

i must tell its not a formal kind of scent so most of the people won't like it but if you are a strawberry lover like me you will fall in love with it. i like to wear it in daytime after shower,the smell stays for 5-6 hours which is expected from the TBS fragrances, but when i combine this scents with strawberry shower gel and strawberry body butter it lasts longer, almost for 12 hours. 

the EDT comes in simple red coloured bottle with a golden lid and beautiful writing on the front.the bottle contains 60ml of the product.the Strawberry EDT was a limited edition but i can still find it in Pakistan while in UK and USA it was discontinued but in 2012 it was relaunched in USA in a smaller size 30ml along with other fruity smell EDT .e.g Coconut EDT, Mango EDT, Pink Grape Fruit EDT etc.Well i m wondering how would it be like having the mango and coconut perfume so i am most probably gonna buy them but it will have to wait as i have already many scents to use.


  • Fruity Smell
  • Refreshing
  • Best for summers and springs
  • Budget Friendly
  • The size makes it travel freindly


  • Not exactly fresh strawberry smell
  • Staying power

Price      PKR 2450, $14 for 30ml

i love it to bits <3 have you tried it??



  1. love the simple style of the bottle..! xoxo

  2. For a price I'd its really notta steal!! You should try Bath and Body Works Mists... They ll blow you it Im sure xx

  3. This is sound heavenly but I do think it's pricey for only a 30ml bottle

  4. sounds yummy.i think it would be very refreshing in summers.I love eau de toilettes by body shop.The scent range is all natural and very refreshing.I have tried neroli jasmine and addicted to it.This one sounds delicious too so will try it ... just waitin for TBS sale :)

  5. Will surely try this one :)
    Nice review Hina :)

  6. I personally dont like fruity fragnance in perfumes but this looks nice

  7. this looks too yummy! im sure it smells fantastic too:) xx

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  9. wao, m tempted, planning to have one coz m huge fan of fruity perfumes

  10. I hope you have a nice day! Very good article, well written and very thought out.
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