Monday, 17 December 2012

Another Haul :)

helloo ladiess here i am sharing another haul post...just can't resist makeup stuff when shopping and its funny how my hubby has to drag me from the cosmetic section to make me attentive to the other things.he thinks that i get glued to the cosmetic section and if it weren't for him i would forget everything but cosmetics(lol)

so lets checkout what i bought

Left - Right: Burberry London Miniature 4ml
Essence Kajal Pencil 04 white
Essence Multiaction Blackest Black Mascara
Essence Natural Cover Moisturizer - lighter skin

Left: Flormar Blush #89
Right: Essence Circus Circus Highlighter Powder

Left: Rivaj UK Neon Color #67
Right: Color Studio Professional HAUTE Nail Color "Jade"

Left: Rivaj UK Color Fusion Lipstick # 24 
                                     Right: Classics lipstick # 226                                                             

  • Essence Circuss Circuss Collection Highlighter Powder  -  PKR 460
  • Essence Natural Cover Moisturizer 'lighter skin" - PKR 380
  • Essence Multiaction Blackest Black Mascara  -  PKR 380
  • Essence Kajal Pencil 04 White  -  PKR 160
  • Buberry London Miniature 4ml  -  PKR 475
  • Flormar Blush 89  -   PKR 385
  • Classics lipstick 226  -   PKR 350
  • Color Studio HAUTE Nail Color "Jade"  -   PKR 250
  • Rivaj UK Color Fusion Lipstick 24  -   PKR 125
  • Rivaj UK Neon Nail Color 67  -  PKR 85
  • Wizard's First Rule  -   PKR 700

loving all the things.will be reviewing them soon!



  1. the essence highlighter looks lovely! i'd love to see a review on it!

  2. I love the flormar blush, great haul! :)

  3. lovely haul <3 plz review ans swatches of rivaj lipstick. Thankyou!

  4. Nice Haul!
    I would love to see a little review on the Essence sheer moisturise. Love how affordable the brand is and I recently realized it was sold in Canada!

    1. thanxx fr stopping by..will do the review soon :)


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