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Luscious Cosmetics " the twilight saga" kit - Review & Swatches


A limited-edition collection of new shades inspired by the Twilight Saga that will get you gorgeous in minutes!
Featuring the Cullen Crest on its cover, this petite palette is a treasure trove of eyeshadows, lip glosses and face shimmer inspired by characters from the series.


Product Description

Offer Includes

1 Twilight Palette, 1 BOLD Metallic Silver Pencil & 1 Metallic Clutch Bag. A complete makeup wardrobe to pop in your handbag containing everything you need to get gorgeous in minutes!

The palette contains:

8 Eyeshadows: Full Moon, Mortal, Jane, Eclipse, Alice, Esme, Venom, Rosalie.

4 Lip Glosses: Glow, Emily, Fatal, Bitten.

1 Face Shimmer: Bella

Luscious Cosmetics " the twilight saga" kit

My thought

twilight series is an absolute love and this pallete is inspired by the series.when i heard about this pallete i knew i had to have it. i always wanted to have a complete package kit and this the pallete indeed is a full package.the pallete comes in a black packaging with an attached mirror.the pallete is about the size of my palm.


this pallete contains 8 beautiful eyeshadows.the shades are higly pigmented and velvety in texture.they contain silver micro shimmer in it.the thing i like about the shades is they are sooper easy to blend and glides smothly on the lid you can creat any look you want with these shades.
the staying power of the eyshadows is quite comendable they stay put uto 6 hours on me and with the primer underneathed they stay longer.they do crease after some time but thats because my lids are oily.
i like it how these shades are named.the shades i like the most in this pallete are jane, eclipse, alice and venom.i dont like esme because its a lil bit chalky.




Lip Glosses

lip glosses are more like lip balms.they dont have much color but they are sooper moisturizing.bitten and emily are the one with some tint.


Gloss - Swatches


Face Shimmer

i was disapponted by the quality of the face shimmer beacuse its not the same as the luscious sparkling face shimmers which are sold seprately.this shimmer has a light baby pink color with micro silver shimmers.i doesnt give mush color on the skin,i just use this on the apple of my cheeks to give a shimmery finish and as a highler on my eyes

Face Shimmer

Face Shimmer - Swatch

All in all this pallete is a must have.the bags which comes with it is quite handy and travel friendly.i also like the silver metallic pencil.


  • eyeshadows are pigmented
  • cool and vibrant colors
  • lip glosses are moisturizing
  • handy in travellig
  • inexpensive


  • eyeshadows have fallouts
  • the kit should come with applictors
  • lip glosses doesnt have much color

i will rate this 4.4/5

Price        975 PKR

hope you like it...thats it for now :))
tc :))


  1. its great! OMG! i love this. seriously u r the cosmetic guide i never had! Thanks a bunch for this review. i am now considering buying this.

    Keep up the good work!

  2. thankeww farah :)yeahh do try this :)

  3. hay...hinaaaa....nice review.....i wanna buy this...pls guide me...will it be a good value for money...this is my frst time...that am gna order it online...n i dun wanna get dissapointed...!!!!so...true it worth it...?n will it be good to gift to my sis who just got keep in her purse!!!

    1. yeahh sure sweety...its worth buying if ur sister loves makeup she will definately love it...but one thing u hv to consider is that most of the eyeshade colors can't be used in daytime look.. they are more like party colors n nightlook...

  4. k...thanks....then it means i shoudnt buy it for myself....cuz i had thot to buy this for myself a student....i thot its good to carry in bag...but as u said nt good for daytime....n secondly my sis desnt really likes makeup...but yet being a newly wed she has to do makeup...n has to carry a big vanity box...thats y i thot of gvng her...cuz it wud b handy...!!!!!wat say...can i buy it for myself too..!

  5. dnt think too much sweetyy...this palette is worth the price..comes handy while traveling...comes with a metallic makeup clutch n eyepencil..wht more we could ask in just 975 Rs

  6. oki....then ill get 2.............!!!!:)waoooo!!!!:)thankssss!

  7. hay...ive heard...we can have black,silver or brwn pencil...nd can choose frm 3 clrs in the bag dun u pencil will be better!!!????

    1. well i can't say anything abt it coz i hven't tried it

  8. okiiiii....sooo muchhh thankssssssssssss....!!!:)

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